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Book Cover If only I knew then

Review No 1

A raunchy read I couldn't put down ; A real page turner. Having read '50 Shades of Grey' and thought nothing of it; (that was just a novel), this is for real, with real people; much more impact, with the sex descriptive and graphic in places. I would not want my personal life exposed in this much detail for all to read. 'Throughout his life Roger has been a fighter, now the Author is fighting for survival of a different kind.
PJ Allan

Review No 2

Before condemning Roger you have to remember that he was a product of the 60's and a broken home. In context he is what we would have politely called at the time "a bit of a lad". Males often secretly admired them and girls were attracted to them. A lot of girls liked a naughty boy back then and still do today. Remember, this is an autobiography not fiction and all the more readable for that. This book kept me up late, really late, just not wanting to stop and finish for the night. It surely is a real life competitor to 50 Shades of Grey and Roger is definitely a bit of a lad; a big bit in fact!

Review No 3

"Read the extracts, the book will be interesting to read as I had no idea  that it was going to be such an expose. Similarly I had no idea you had lived such a hedonistic life. ".......... "Look forward to receiving my copy".

Review No 4

Having been the bad guy in Harrow since Beverley left the family home, it is now time to put the record straight. As well as detailing Rogers flamboyant entrepreneurial life style, the book exposes the marriage in full, a hard hitting, frank expose, brutally honest and full of real surprises.

Capri Porsche

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My Father's third wife's daughter and I had just had early morning sex. Susan, a nurse was a comfortable young woman, always warm, wet and willing..........

My first experience of a woman was when I was 18 and she was a divorced 28 year old hairdresser; and I got to stay the night at her place!

In those days, thanks to the success of Plus 2, I used to spend twice a miners wages and 3 times a Police Constable's weekly wage, just going out with the TV boys.

When I could make it for an evening with her I would often phone to say I was coming round. I would ask her if she wanted to make love or have a fuck. Often she would say "I would like a fuck" and she did; very well.

When I got out, I saw that the Range Rover had no rear axle and the roof was ripped open as though it had been worked over by a giant can opener and the driver's door pillar was missing!

The Agreement with RTGV was signed and Filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission on March 22nd 2007, Suddenly, at the share price quoted on the NASDAQ market, my shares were worth US $12 Million.

Even at the age of 60, as a trendy Grandma, when I was settled with her daughter, She would lick an ice cream cone like a porn star giving a blow job.

"It's hard to make money but it's even harder to hang on to it" Les Gidney; Joint Venture property development partner.

She has the morals of an Alley Cat:- On second thoughts, that could be doing an injustice to the cat.

When I think about that night I often chuckle to myself and wonder just what Kay (Burley) would think if she knew what had taken place in her lounge!

I was up the top of a ladder breaking away the last sign at first floor level, the ladder started to slip slowly sideways. A second of panic set in until a remembered what I did on the Bristow Rally, when I had decided to react quicker than was natural instinct. I decided to wait until the ladder was 4 feet from the ground and jump off with a roll as I landed on the ground; like a parachutist. It worked perfectly and I had no injuries at all, although I was shaken.
See Horace, Rallying is not a waste of time; it does help with speedy decision making in " normal" life!

After a confrontation on site I woke up in hospital. Bill Middleton a good ex boxer and site manager and I had argued on site and in one blow he had knocked me out.

Our first time was in the back of my father's Bentley. By the time we had got into place the top twenty on the BBC was finishing and we had sex to the omnibus edition of the Archers!

I arrived that afternoon to see him in a private ward looking like he had come straight from central casting for Carry on Nursing; One right arm suspended in traction, right leg similar and bandages everywhere. The first thing he said, smiling, was "the tank had dirt in it"

Jackie was introduced to me by Josephine. Jo had said we had to stop our sex sessions as she was getting married. Jackie didn't get out much as she had 2 kids and lived back home with her parents. On our first date she said she would stay late at the flat if I promised to take her home. As she lay back on the king size bed she said "Don't be shocked if my wig comes off"

Later in the morning on a 15 mile Stage, I complained to Alan that the car was not going as quickly as it had earlier, top speed reduced from 115mph to 95mph. This was due to a flat tyre which we only discovered at the finish of that particular Stage.

A strap broke, leaving the boot awash with 7 gallons of petrol slowly leaking out of a small hole. Again we did not know this until after the finish of that Stage when the Marshalls came running up to tell us that fuel was leaking from underneath We had just done a long straight downhill section topping 120MPH.

One morning Beverley complained about Tony getting hold of her and putting his tongue down her throat. Beverley said and she did not know how I wanted her to play it as we had both enjoyed the little excursions with the Gray's, Beverley had said previously that she particularly like it when Tony Gray had taken his fingers from inside her pussy and put them straight in her mouth.

We were going well, high up in the hills overlooking a valley when we got pushed off the track after sliding into a bank. We rolled 3 or 4 times and landed 60 feet below on our side.

In a period of less than 12 months, I had got the consents on Ambleside and Rosebank, sold on and I made a profit of over £275,000. A massive profit for those days, when a midsize Ford car was still under £1,000, brand new and miners had just broken in the £1,000 per year wage bracket.

After one particularly good sex session with Susan where I had had a really good climax, I asked her if she was on the Pill. She replied "No". I paused and said "What about what we have just done? She replied straight away "It doesn't matter"

My father regularly called into the property company offices unannounced. He would interrogate my PA Gill to see what was going on. One day in 1979 he saw a Bank statement showing a credit of £150,000; a lot of money in those days. He marched into my office picked up my phone and called his 3rd wife Connie and said "Hear this: He's got £150,000 quid in the Bank; in a jealous and angry tone. Again n those days that amount would have bought 5 new Ferraris. A good job he never knew about the £750,000 we made out of Orpington 18 months later

After dinner Gill asked me to draw the curtains, but I wanted to look out over the Harbour, Gill seemed upset. Later the next day she said that she felt really randy and wanted to take her cloths' off and start another threesome (we had already had 3or 4). To late though; she had, that day, just come on for the week! I feel that there must have been many other situations and opportunities that I was not and am still not aware of. As Professor Brian Cox says "Everything irreversibly changes" Some of the moments I have missed both in business and relationships past and not so past, still haunt me today, as I write.

Suddenly, half way through lunch with his wife and mine, at our home in Harrow, he picked up a knife and said if I did not pay he would kill me. Beverley was shaking as she knew that Turkish people can be more violent than any others.

I always said I wanted to grow old like him. He was with one of my ex's, a girl of 26/27 when he was 60.

In the same conversation she said that she had always wanted a threesome with her, me and another fella, but she hadn't dare ask because of what she thought she would have to do for me in return.

She kissed me goodnight, her mouth was open, warm, soft and receptive. As soon as she left I regretted not asking her back in for sex, as I suddenly realised that maybe she had stayed so long just so she could have the excitement of sex downstairs whilst Beverley was in bed upstairs.

I am going to take Roger to the bar my best friend said. She smiled and said" Don't come back thinking you both getting a threesome tonight" He had to stay as he had had far too much to drink to drive, but in the guest room. Early in the morning, about 6:50, My other half rolled over to me and said " I should have had a threesome last night"

She was, I think, a 48 year old nymphomaniac; who incidentally looked about 38 years old.

After a while Clare M went down on Clare J and gave her deep oral until Clare J climaxed. Clare M came up and said " Sorry about that, but we have been wanting to do that for a long time" as she stood up and smiled at me.

Having just got over the addiction to group sex this was NOT what I needed and was why I did not join in although invited by Clare J

I knew, deep down, that it would start me off again. but eventually I gave in and the 3 of us had sex and slept together in my bed.

"Jacqueline" always liked playing truth and dare and always went for the dare. During one game when people had part stripped, fondled, touched and snogged, she suddenly walk over to Ann and kissed her hard, with an open mouth and with a deep tong penetration. I move closer to watch. Ann responded, swapping tongs and later told me she had had a good time

Feeling her 36 DD 's. I was really excited and I hoped for more.

Yet again, life gets in the way of business


The full story of RB's business and sexual adventures (addiction?)

Serial entrepreneur Roger Bailey has lead a full social and business life. From finding commercial success at an early age, fighting corruption in the building industry, and then making (and subsequently loosing) small fortunes, Roger has been busy. Yet, despite leading a turbulent business life that would provide enough excitement for most people, Roger sought more, and found it with a succession of mistresses and dalliances. A poster child for the hedonistic lifestyle most people now condemn, Roger admits his many failings with open and honest candour.

In his autobiography, Roger recalls his experiences, adventures and insights from the swinging sixties through to the present day. Many people will breath a sigh of relief if they are not mentioned in this frank and revealing account of a most extraordinary life. Sadly for all those involved, Roger doesn’t hold back  from the truth, and from newsrooms to boardrooms, some people will wish he took this book to the grave. After all, the truth hurts.

Misogynist, chauvinist, adulterer, philanderer, player, grafter, character, raconteur, or just a bastard who won’t lie down? Somebody you’d have by your side, or a thorn in the side? Surely no angel, but a demon? Whatever you think of Roger one thing is for sure… read this book and you will form your own opinion of him!

Roger always felt there was a book to be written about his life. A diagnosis with cancer in 2011 spurred him on to put pen to paper. The motivation only increased when, in August 2012, a debilitating tumour was partially removed from his spine. He has focused his remaining energy on finishing his book. It's now or never.

Not only has his health run out, but so too has his luck. Roger invested all his cash and assets into a Guernsey company, only to be conned out of his “last good deal before retirement".